You won’t find all the resorts known to man here. Our aim is not for you to traipse through a shed load of options or make it any harder than it has to be.

Instead, we’ve handpicked our favourite resorts for you to choose from. At least one of our office team has, at some point, worked in every single one of these resorts. We know and respect these resorts like old friends.

When we sat down and decided on which resorts to work with, we drew up the three main criteria below.



It has to be suitable for all levels, from beginners cruising on the green or blue runs, all the way to the adrenaline junkies putting on their skins and doing some trekking to find that untouched powder line.

There also has to be a decent selection of bars and restaurants right on the mountain, naturally…



The resort needs to have a good, fun vibe with plenty of bars and restaurants to keep you entertained when you’re not allowed to be on the slopes.

There needs to be a seriously fun atmosphere and some cool stuff to do outside of skiing for those who want it.



We don’t think you should miss out on time on the slopes because your resort is in Narnia and an absolute mission to get to. So we’ve only chosen resorts that can be easily reached – whether you book with us or make your own way there. We can sort coach transport all the way from the UK or just from the airport to the resort.



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