Our Process

One of the big priorities here at Whiteroad was to make its clients lives far easier.

We wanted to reduce the numbers of resorts clients had to consider by hand picking resorts that we absolutely knew Whiteroad clients would love. We wanted to make the accommodation options varied and appealing to a broad range of clients. Additionally, Whiteroad resorts have to have great ski areas that appeal to mixed abilities and from a travel perspective, Whiteroad chooses its resorts on the basis that access to the resort has to be easy. Finally, and super important is the actual booking of your trip. With Whiteroad we have really focussed on making the booking process as slick and pain free as possible, particularly for the group organiser.

In short Whiteroad is about getting rid of the stresses by providing really great, solid, well considered resorts and accommodation at great prices, and making the choices simple and easy.

Our Whiteroad clients tend to be young (ish) busy, professionals with little or no time spare to organise ski or snowboard trips for their mates. Frankly most look at the prospect with horror, it’s a time-consuming pain with little reward or thanks from friends and it stops socialising time, so why do it?

Well because its no longer a chore, its easy, now you can be the hero! Number 1, Whiteroad makes the decisions easy, you can be sure that we’ve handpicked picked resorts and accommodation options that are going to fit, so trust us, we’re experts. Number 2, Booking the trips couldn’t be easier.

Our 4 Steps To Easier Ski Holidays


Agree a fantastic Whiteroad holiday then pay £100 to secure your trip accommodation…all done over the phone in minutes.


We quickly set up a bespoke online booking page for you and your group, you can even personalise it if you fancy! You give the unique booking code out to your group and everyone goes away, books their own bespoke options and pays by themselves.


No painful emails to friends chasing money, no bank transfers, no financial or group management, no dipping into your own pocket to pay a massive deposit. No hassle!


Everyone is responsible for their own bookings and payments and we’ll even chase them for you.
Could it be any easier?

It Really Is That Easy!

Life is stressful and busy enough without having to do too much thinking, too much organising and too much worrying. Our state of the art booking system and slick interface takes all of the hassle away for any group organiser. It allows you to concentrate on the fun stuff…choosing one of our great resorts and picking some fantastic accommodation. Whiteroad allows you to make a quick, informed choice, safe in the knowledge that a bunch of guys and girls, probably of a similar age, have already done the research for you and know what you want.


TEL: 020 8246 6677