We’ve been doing our thang for decades now. One of the bonuses is that we get seriously good rates, so all our packages include accommodation and lift passes as standard. That’s just the way we roll…

But that’s just the start of it. We can add on anything else you might need, including an array of coach and private transfer options and the very best equipment hire, all with cracking deals.

It’s super easy to do – just select all the extras you want on our foolproof booking system then you’ll get a voucher in your departure documents. Bob’s your uncle and Fanny’s your aunt.

We’re not going to straightjacket you into getting everything through us. But if you’re looking for a one-stop shop, we’ve got your back. Simples.

We’ve got three levels for ski hire equipment, and two for snowboard equipment. We’re not going to try and sell pricey gold-level skis to a beginner – we’ll make sure you have the right gear, even if you have no idea.




Our cheapest skis, these are comfortable and forgiving but still have the technical features required to tackle accessible slopes safely. Best suited to beginners and those finding their feet on the slopes.




Our mid-range skis offer flexibility, comfort and stability. Perfect for intermediaries wanting to cruise down all kinds of red slopes.


Ideal for beginners, you’ll feel safe and confident on this board.




Out top-tier skis are designed especially for technical skiers wanting great grip, precise ski control and lots of thrills. For off-piste, racing and whatnot.


Experienced riders will have a blast on the “black” board, whatever the terrain. It’s versatile, precise and efficient.



We set this one up as a low-cost, low-hassle alternative to get to the Alps. It’s a weekly service from London to five of our top resorts in the French Alps. With flight prices shooting up and luggage allowances going down, our luxury coach is definitely one to consider if you want to save your pennies for the après.

A ticket costs a fraction of what you’d pay for a flight and includes luggage, with NO sneaky oversized baggage charges for skis and boards. It goes from Victoria Coach Station in Central London with a pick up in Folkestone on its way through. Just think… no long airport queues and we’ll run you straight to your resort in a luxury modern coach with extra legroom, reclining seats and free wifi. The perfect opportunity to watch that entire series of GOT.

We’ve got specialist qualified staff with 20 years’ experience in this stuff under their belts to ensure everything runs smoothly and, it goes without saying, all of our drivers are chosen specifically for their expertise and experience driving long distances and in winter conditions.

We put on extra coaches during busy periods like New Year, half term and Easter. Alas, they may not have free wifi but you’ll still get loads of legroom and reclining seats. Time for a digital detox, perhaps?


Our shared coach transfers are ideal for those flying to Grenoble, Lyon and Geneva airports wanting a low-cost option. We use the biggest independent transfer company in the [French] Alps and you’ll always have English-speaking reps on the coach.

We’ll drop you off at a bus stop in your resort, none of which are far from the accommodation on our books.


If you’d rather not have to wait for other passengers, we can arrange luxury private transfers. This actually works out cheaper for groups as you can spread the cost between you. You’ll save time as the minibus will get you up the mountain quicker and you’ll get dropped off straight outside your accommodation. Speak to the team to find out about costs.


It’s so easy to book your own flights these days, why don’t you check the best value flight options with our Skyscanner link.

Booking your own flights means that you’re not pigeon holed you into flight times which may not suit you, you have complete flexibility and have the freedom to work to your own agenda, and it’s often far better value too. So why not avoid that ungodly 4.00am flight (unless you like them of course) and do your own thing.

For current Whiteroad resorts, we recommend the following main airports:


It may not be exciting but insurance should be right up there on the list of priorities along with your skis, board & helmet when it comes to snowsports trips – it is just not worth risking hitting the slopes without it.

As with all other trip essentials, we strive to make sure you have an option available to you and that’s why, through our system, you can purchase insurance with our chosen provider straight away at the point of booking. We have several comprehensive insurance packages on offer via our online booking system but always strongly recommend you read the policy wording carefully to make sure you select the best cover for you.

If you have purchased Insurance through Whiteroad please ensure you read the following documents

To view the policy in full, please click here.

To view the terms of business please click here.

To view the status disclosure please click here.


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